So why T.I.T.A.N. well the short of it is that it encompasses what we can do for our customers. Total IT And Networking. But more so it encompasses the philosophy we have lived by for over 8 years during some very tough times and performed many very large complicated jobs and that is just like the titans of mythology who were a lot smaller than the gods but punched well above their size and strength so do we.

It also encompasses the size of our network and relationships with other businesses, we have the ability to consult, manage and organise all facets of work outside of the IT solutions we provide including but not bound to

·        Security Systems

·        Surveillance systems

·        Software

·        Building

·        Joinery

·        Telephone and Internet

·        Network Cabling

·        Flooring

Hardware Sales Ex-Lease Equipment

Need a Laptop for school, university or for home?
DR Electronics has a cost effective solution.
Don’t get suckered into grabbing a cheap slow new machine.
And why pay thousands for a high spec new laptop when DR Electronics has fully guaranteed ex-lease machines for a fraction of the cost.

You need to talk to the team @ DR Electronics about the possibility of saving hundreds through our Ex-Lease program, guaranteed, fully setup and ready to go.

As with all situations maybe ex-Lease isn’t for you , the experienced team here at DRE will offer the best solutions new or otherwise everytime.

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Phone: (06) 353 5244 - (06) 323 7141

Mobile: Dean on (021) 689 285

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Peter Day

Dean at DR Electronics has been outstanding when solving all my it problems. He is some one from the it world who speaks plain English and just gets on with the job. I now trust him with upgrading all my computer hardware and software as needed. He will only supply me with something I need at a very affordable price. Highly recommended.