Windows 10 is HERE !!!

We have been running Windows 10 here at DR Electronics since it has been available late last year and overall it is a fantastic peice of software, fast, clean and loaded with features and fixes that Windows 7 lacked and Windows 8/8.1 just never got right. Microsoft have said they have got back to what businesses need, that a keyboard and mouse are going to be around for along time so Windows needs to work smoothly with these tools BUT has the power to move with technology and peoples ever changing uses and mobility.


So is Windows 10 for you ????

Windows 10 is the next step and quite an upgrade from all previous Operating systems but you need to look at several things first as the biggest issue with the Microsoft free windows roll out is it isnt an update or going to be as easy to install or upgrade as a windows patch for most people or machines, in fact simply hitting the download button and hoping for the best will no doubt end in tears and could lose you all of your data or stop important hardware so to go over a few items about Windows 10

  • THERE IS NO RUSH TO UPGRADE !!! - If you are running wWindows 7 or 8/8.1 you have 1 whole year to make the decision and do the upgrade, research it first and get all the info needed before upgrading.
  • While Windows 10 is great it is very different from Windows 7 so be aware there will be a learning curve if you upgrade, from Windows 8/8.1 the UI or how it looks is very similar BUT greatly improved so could be quite a positive experience.
  • Hardware - Though specs wise if you are running windows 7 or 8/8.1 then you probably have hardware capable of running Windows 10 BUT again it doesnt hurt to ask as maybe your current machine was struggling and needs to be replaced as the operating system wasnt what was causing its issues.
  • Software and device drivers - Windows 10 reqires specific drivers and software in most instances and if it can get internet may download some of this automatically BUT you may have specific older programs or hardware (printers/attachments) that it has no ability to run, ask...

We are experienced at asasisting with operating system upgrades, we have been going through windows upgrades since Windows95 and will honestly and clearly assist when needed and get it right as well as watching the budget, remember just jumping in can be far more costly than doing it right first time in both money and time and the worst part could be a whole lot of lost information or data that cannot be retrieved.

Contact DR Electronics for all of your Windows 10 queries or needs.

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Peter Day

Dean at DR Electronics has been outstanding when solving all my it problems. He is some one from the it world who speaks plain English and just gets on with the job. I now trust him with upgrading all my computer hardware and software as needed. He will only supply me with something I need at a very affordable price. Highly recommended.