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DR Electronics Ltd put simply is an IT company aimed at not working for but  with people at home, small & medium businesses, educational institutes and beyond to achieve success through up to date, future proofed, cost effective IT solutions.
Your Success could be….

  • much faster computers or laptops.
  • Project Management of a complete IT refit or transfer to a new site.
  • better internet or network.
  • better software solutions for your business.
  • virus or malware removals or protection.
  • hardware repairs like laptop screen replacements or new power supplys.
  • consultations on your current IT or what you need moving forward.
  • Cloud solutions for the office(email, calendar etc) or Backups.
  • Proactive maintenance rather than reactive repairs.

Future Proofed IT Solutions

At DR Electronics we will never sell you something that’s been on a shelf for 6 months, we won’t recommend practices or items that are out of date as we work hard daily to be not up to date but ahead of all facets of IT practices and equipment.

Cost Effective IT Solutions

The old adage “You get what you Pay For” has never been more true than in the IT and computer industry but it definitely doesn’t mean just spend more all of the time and unfortunately most of the time cheap is just that cheap. It means you need to look for the best fit for your budget (Not always what you may think you need to spend) and needs. We pride ourselves on creating solutions for each individual job that best fits your needs there is no one size fits all and with 100s of completed jobs and projects we have an abundance of very satisfied customers showing our track record of getting the best solutions right.

As with any website or company we can type here an abundance of things saying how good we are or what we have achieved but our customers and reviews are our best source of our success created through assisting to create theirs.

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Phone: (06) 353 5244 - (06) 323 7141

Mobile: Dean on (021) 689 285

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T Levchenko

Dean is a true computer guru. Ask him anything about hardware, software, systems, viruses, back-ups, you name it. For great value and honest to goodness service, this is the place to go.